EST. 02.10

BELLBOY is a heirloom quality woodshop based in Brooklyn, New York. 
Our works are designed to be simple, functional and timeless.
Each piece is made by hand and finished with natural oils & wax. 

IN ADDITION to our current product line, we accept private commissions.

ABOUT The Founder

After accomplishing all he hoped to in advertising, Mat Driscoll resigned his role at a prominent
New York agency and moved to a quiet town on the coast of Maine. There he studied classic
furniture making techniques, which focused on the use of hand tools. Returning to Brooklyn
in 2010, he opened BELLBOY. Since then he has made a modest impression on the furniture
world with his original designs, a growing list of private commissions, and feature profiles
in The New York Times, Men's Journal and Gizmodo. Driscoll's art direction background is apparent
in the very graphic and clean aesthetic of BELLBOY's works.

67 35th Street, Brooklyn New York
p: 646 7532770

[ By Appointment Only, Please ]